We Make. The New Way. The New Beauty. With You.
Our actions and collaborations
Casa 93 is an inclusive fashion school.
The Studio is part of the pedagogical programme and supports this school which is based on new values, far from fashion's stereotypes.

Witty Innovation Lab is an innovation consulting agency which guides companies and public utilities which want to develop their capacity to think and undertake in a different and innovative way.

The partnership with Witty gives a complementarity and precise tools to our clients who wish to take part in a change.
Ouishare is a team which aims at developing new social ties with digital tools.
The Studio wishes to rely on digital tools for networking, sharing, creating ties, and taking part in a cumulative kind of creativity.

Like Ouishare we take part in the creation of ecosystems which allow to make flourish human relationships by valorizing the people concerned.

We are a kind of platform which is favorable to horizontal and cross-cutting exchanges.

These three partnerships each converge towards the emergence of a collaborative kind of society.