We Make. The New Way. The New Beauty. With You.
How we do it
The team
It consists in people from various and complementary backgrounds.

Their talents are diverse : on the one hand a capacity to create, to work, to accomplish manual tasks on small-scale, and on the other hand an ability to supervise, to control, to lead a project, to hand down, to analyze, to synthesize, to draft, etc.

The team is united in a same vision and the desire and need to work together without any hierarchy. Sharing and exchanging are enriched by the fact that the people have had various kinds of training with cultures of different origins.

Open and innovative, the Studio ensures a kind of monitoring of its environment, of the news, of its sector of activity which reinforces its desire to commit itself more and more every day. Thanks to this, it seizes opportunities to initiate and share for instance a working method, an artistic methodology, a reflection regarding tomorrow's society, etc.

In order to do so and if necessary, the Studio can appeal to external actors such as philosophers, ethnologists, researchers, consultants, economists... who bring a positive and complementary contribution to the Studio's vision.