We Make. The New Way. The New Beauty. With You.
A new definition of beauty

Beauty is at the heart of the Studio's activity but it's considered in an original way. It's perceived as a source of wonder, inspiration and sharing. It can be found both in the result and in the process of creation. It meets the rules of luxury but is also open to rejects and to recycled material. It's the fruit of a new artistic, organic and ornamental expression which seeks itself in elements such as defects, accidents, flaws and imperfections.

Linked to nature and with an anthropocene vision, the Studio ties a very strong bond with nature, most of the time in an abstract, mysterious and poetic way.

Aware of the significant impact of human activities on the ecosystem, the Studio observes these harmul consequences on nature.

It tries to sublimate damaged nature through artistic propositions which have a saving quality in their beauty.

In search of meaning

To give meaning.
The Studio shows a strong will to find meaning in working methods, in the bonds that connect us to each other, in our connection with nature, cities, society in the future...

To take part in change.
The Studio's wish is to take an active part in change because it feels that this can only be done in a collective way, in synergy. It considers that it's necessary to commit oneself, to be involved in the fight to save our planet, to prepare a true mutation in order to get back to more human scales in harmony with nature.